Bathroom Remodel

Ready to tackle your Bathroom Remodel?

Your bathroom works hard for you every day. Water can wreak havoc on surfaces and cabinets, and can show wear and tear easily in this room.

Often at this point, we have clients coming to us to complete a bathroom remodel in their home or business. While oftentimes one of the smaller rooms in your domain, it can bring about the most headaches and frustration.

Not only do you have to deal with your basic remodeling factors, but water, electricity, and ventilation add to the complexity of the project.

Interior Design Concepts works with many different homes and businesses in and around Aberdeen, South Dakota, to create a functional and beautiful space to get clean. As always, we work with budgets big and small and truly want to bring your vision to life.

There are several areas for decision-making in the bathroom. Here are a few to think about:

Shower Installation

There are many different shower types to choose from.IDC specializes in tile showers and backsplashes, which can have a big impact on your space. Uniquely designed tile can pull a space together, whether it’s the whole shower or just a backslash.

We also can help you select a shower wall and surround; tub surround; or shower kits and stalls. These come in a wide range of styles and budgets.

Bathroom Sinks and Vanities

Your bathroom sink and vanity are a big consideration. Do you want a double vanity? Or just a pedestal sink with a mirror? Do you want your bathroom countertops to be a certain material? We can come to your space and find what works best. There are certain materials that work best for a space that will come into contact with water frequently. Our team can through the pros and cons of each.

We source bathroom vanities from:

Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing Fixtures usually come last in the decision-making process but is also one element in your bathroom that can have the biggest impact.

Do you want sleek and modern? Shiny? Rustic? There are many options, but we can help you narrow down the best pieces to tie your space together.

Our Past Work

Stop on into our showroom and we can go through options with you!

Once you’ve thought through these big items, we can draft a 3D design of your bathroom so you can visualize how it will look and function. While every remodel comes with its surprises, we don’t want the final outcome to be.

Contact us today for your bathroom remodel!